Wheelchair Van Services

   Jeannette E.M.S, Inc. offers Paratransit Service to people that do not need an ambulance but are unable to travel by car to Doctor’s appointments, Dental appointments, Out Patient appointments, Hospital discharges and admissions, Radiation treatments and Dialysis treatments.

    This van is equipped to transport patients by wheelchair to and from your medical appointments. If you are unable to travel on your own or by regular Taxi Cab due to a medical condition then this is the service for you.

     Our van is equipped with oxygen and an E.M.T. driver to assist you with your medical transport needs.

    Call our dispatch office at 724-523-5501 or 1-800-965-3388 to schedule your appointment or ask questions.

     Cost of the van is  $25.00 each way plus $1.25 per mile after the 8th mile. There will be a waiting charge of $20.00 per hour after the first half hour. At the end of your trip the driver will collect payment from you by either Master Card, Visa or Cash. The driver will give you a written receipt. For hospital discharges, the trip could be billed to the patient. This service is not covered by Medicare nor is it included with subscriptions.

  Ambulance Services

     We staff our ambulances 24hr/7 days a week with qualified paramedics and EMT's. Our service handles emergency and non-emergency transfers from residences, care facilities and hospitals. Call us at 724-523-5502 to discuss how we can work with your facility.


To print a subscriber application online click here

  • As a subscriber in JEANNETTE E.M.S., you will receive 24-hour Emergency Medical Care. Subscription members will help assure the availability of ambulance equipment by providing financial support before medical help is needed. As a subscriber to the JEANNETTE E.M.S. Inc., you will save yourself financial hardship in case of illness or injury to you or a member of your household.

  • Subscription fee covers Mercy-Jeannette Hospital, Monsour Medical Center and Westmoreland Hospital.

  • Membership permits Jeannette E.M.S. Inc., to collect from any "third party agency" whatever benefits may be available at NO CHARGE to the member.

  • Jeannette E.M.S. is a charitable organization that you can send donations to us through the United Way. The donations you make are tax deductable. We are an organization that is here to help the community and we hope to be here for years to come, but it takes your assistance to help us.

 In Loving Memory Plaques

Jeannette E.M.S. Inc., has in it's lobby a memorial plaque and for a donation of $50.00 we will put the name of a loved one on the plaque and you or your family name as making the donation. Call 724-523-5503 for further information.