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Welcome to Jeannette E.M.S Inc.

   Jeannette is located approximately 30 miles east of Pittsburgh in Western Pennsylvania. We staff 4 ambulances to meet the increasing demand of emergencies and transfers in our health care today. Jeannette EMS is staffed 24hrs/7days a week by professional Paramedics, EMT's and Calltakers.

   Our Con-Ed Department offers CPR and First Aid classes to the public as well as other health care professionals. Con-Ed hours can also be obtained for EMT's, Paramedics and other Health Care Professionals Online! Webmail Site

    If you are considering a new job endeavor with us, or needing those extra Con-Ed hours, click on the appropriate department to apply. 

Care Facilities may e-mail us or call 724-523-5502 to discuss how we can work with you.

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